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pH balance of our body – Why important?

pH pH balance

An average Western diet containing high protein and low fruits and vegetables generates many acids.

If a person is on such diet on a long-term basis, the body’s acid-base balance can be affected and may result in low grade metabolic acidosis.

This condition can increase the risk of kidney stone formation, low bone mineral density, loss of muscle mass and chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

The addition of diet rich in fruits and vegetables and alkalinizing minerals can halt the process.

The ideal pH is about 7-7.4. Normal pH range is 6-7.5.

Examples of foods that acidify our body: meat (beef, pork, chicken), whole wheat, bread, rice, milk

Examples of alkalinizing food: fruits, vegetables, mushrooms

However, with the hectic stressful lifestyle, not everyone is able to maintain a diet high in alkalinizing foods. Adding alkalinizing minerals in our daily diet can assist in balancing the ‘fast food’ diet problem.

Herbal remedies containing burdock root can also reduce the acidic environment in the body as well.

How to check pH of our body? Using pH test strips to measure the pH of saliva or urine. Check the test results to the pH color chart comes with the test strips.

Being proactive in living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balance diet with good quality supplementation are essential in improving overall well-being.


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