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Neostrata HQ Plus Gel

Neostrata HQ Plus Gel - Biosense Clinic
$38.95 $229.95 % OFF
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Neostrata HQ Plus Gel contains Hydroquinone with Glycolic Acid which accelerates desquamation of dead cells and minimizes fine lines.

Our Clinical Pharmacist Team may contact you to gather or give further information on this product. Orders for this product will only be charged after verification.

Neostrata HQ Plus Gel - 4% Hydroquinone USP with glycolic acid without sunblock

  • gel: water-base
  • accelerates desquamation (exfoliation) of dead cells
  • well tolerated by all skin types
  • enhances skin appearance, reduces fine lines
  • 1 box (tube) = 15 grams

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