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How to keep your mind active and healthy?

mind mind active mind healthy

Is your memory getting worse as you get older? What can we do to keep our brain healthy?

Besides healthy diet and nutrition, there are various ways that we can train our mind to stay young!

Use our brain through learning new skills or taking courses

  • Concentrate on remembering new and important things

Use a calendar or your phone reminder to help you with other things or daily activites

  • e.g. grocery shopping list and other routine information

repeat what you want to remember by writing it down or verbally saying it out

In terms of supplementation, omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help with memory and to prevent memory loss. For further enhancement of brain health, ginkgo biloba supports memory and cognition. Pyrroquinoline quinone is another antioxidant that facilitates nerve regeneration.

Trust yourself and be positive!

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