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Four Leaf Rover Digest - Digestive Enzymes And Probiotics For Dogs

Four Leaf Rover Digest - Digestive Enzymes And Probiotics For Dogs -
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Digest is a natural supply of digestive enzymes and bovine pancreas, Digest helps support normal pancreas & organ function and delivers a healthy helping of soil-based probiotics to support the gut. Veterinary formulated.


Some dogs may be at risk for enzyme deficiency. Senior dogs, dogs with some digestive issues and dogs eating processed diets might struggle to produce enough enzymes. Digest helps support healthy pancreas & digestive organ function and proper digestion. Digest can also help maintain the body's natural resistance to yeast.


Feeding Directions

Give orally daily. To protect the enzymes, do not add hot food to Digest.

Note: If your dog suffers from EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), you can add liquid to the Digest powder and let it stand for 20-60 minutes.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Cost & Supply
1-30 lbs
1/4 tsp daily
$0.67/day (45 day supply)
31-60 lbs
1/2 tsp daily
$1.00/day (0 day supply)
61-100 lbs
3/4 tsp daily
$1.36/day (22 day supply)
100 + lbs
1 tsp daily
$2.00/day (15 day supply)

Net Contents: 1.2oz (34.5g)

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