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What is new about Breast Cancer & Vitamin D?

Breast cancer affects 1 out of 8 women. A healthy lifestyle and diet are one of the important components to prevent breast cancer.

What about for women who suffer from breast cancer? A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle contribute to cancer patients’ health to fight against the disease. Latest research shows that High Vitamin D levels may be associated with a lower death rate compared to patients with low levels. Other studies reveal a link between breast cancer recurrence and shortened survival and low vitamin D.

It’s hard to obtain enough vitamin D in our diet. Women would not want to expose under the sun or if they do, sunscreen would have been applied. It is estimated that ¾ of people have low levels of vitamin D in their body. Therefore, supplementation of vitamin D would be a good alternative. Vitamin D3 dosing varies from 1000 to 4000units or as directed by your healthcare professionals. Breast cancer women need to ensure high enough level of D in their body that may reduce their risk of recurrence and increase survival rate.

Enhancing the immune system also helps to prevent and fight against cancer. Grape seed extract, resveratrol, vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10 are some of the good examples that help to improve immune health.

Vitamin D is not just for bones or just a sunshine vitamin. Don’t forget your D! Also, don’t forget other vitamins and antioxidants that can help to optimize immune system health.

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