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Toxins can affect our weight? Is this true?

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Do you know how much toxins our body absorbs every day? From the air, the food we eat, and water we drink. Toxins accumulate in our body to a point that they overload our liver. Do you know that toxins and overweight are related? In 2007, a report revealed that chronic exposure to a large number of chemical toxins can lead to obesity.

Where can we find these toxic chemicals in our daily lives?

Here are some examples:


In cosmetics and personal care products and plastics

Most of the meats we eat contain hormones, antibiotics and other chemical substances that may affect our normal hormonal level


Used to feed livestock (chicken and pig)


In plastic bottles

Therefore, regular detox is important, especially if you are on a healthy weight management program, adequate detox becomes even more vital. Here are some of the safe and effective detox ingredients that are recommended for you to use:

Zeolite – captures heavy metals

Chlorella and spirulina

  • nutrients-rich green foods that support body's natural cleansing proceses in key elimination systems such as the bowel, liver and blood
  • wrap around the toxins and help to remove them from the body

Probiotics – help to cleanse out the ‘gunk’ in our gut

Proper and effective detox helps to get rid of the toxins in our body. Our metabolic system can then function more efficiently. This helps to improve weight management results.

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