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How to prevent adding ‘pounds’ during the holiday season?

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It’s the time of the year we attend parties, family and office gatherings with lots of food. It’s hard to resist good food and yet gaining weight seems to be unavoidable. Is this true? Let’s share some tips here to help prevent weight gain.

There are a few practical tips to share. Have a light snack before you go for the party (e.g. an apple, a banana or a glass of healthy & yummy protein shake). Never go to a party hungry. Pick up a small plate instead of a big one. For beverages, choose a glass of wine, or beer, carbonated water instead of sweetened or high fat drinks.

To minimize food intolerance, bloating or indigestion after partying is also crucial to keep our digestive system healthy. Pace yourself, chew more before swallowing all help with digestion. Supplementing with a full spectrum of digestive enzymes will aid in this process. For those who have food intolerance from complex carbohydrates (e.g. beans, yams, sweet potatoes), and lactose, enzymes consisted of efficacious dosage of alpha- & beta-galactosidase and lactase will be beneficial in such occasion.

Proper detoxification is also a key component to help reducing the chance of gaining weight. Chlorella and spirulina support body’s natural cleaning processes in key elimination systems such as the bowel, liver, and blood. Zeolite also helps to rid the heavy metals inside our body. All these toxins, wastes and free radicals adds up the ‘weight’.

Maintaining a good environment in our gut would help to get rid of the ‘gunk’ in our body. Adding a good quality multiple strains of good bacteria (probiotics) also helps to maintain a waistline.

The efficiency of metabolizing carbohydrates and fat cannot be overseen. Nutrient such as vitamin B12 is one of the important cofactors in the metabolism process.

Also, remember to focus on socializing instead on food. Holiday seasons meant to share happiness and the opportunity to catch up with our families and friends.

Happy holidays!

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