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Do you have dry skin?

dry dry skin

Do you have problem with dry skin in winter time? No matter how much moisturizer you apply, your skin is still dry? We would like to share some tips with you. Besides applying a hydrating skin cream, replenish our skin with 'oil' is important too. Oil helps to lock in moisture. Squalene is the natural oil component of our skin. However, it starts to decrease after the age of 25. By replenishing the skin very own oil component, it helps to lock in skin moisture and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. For ethical reason, select squalene derived from certified organic olive source.  

Other clinically proven ingredients like hyaluronic acid, imperata root extract and ceramides also offer long lasting moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid attracts and retains moisture to protect skin from drying out. Imperata root extract in creases hydration within skin cells. Ceramides reduces water loss from skin.

In addition, good oil in our diet is also important to keep our skin moist from inside out. Incorporating healthy fats like olive oil, fish in your daily diet and take a good quality omega 3 supplement all contribute to healthy and moist looking skin.

Don't forget drinking adequate amount of pure water too. Keep our skin youthful looking with glow is not hard in winter time. Remember that our skin needs us to feed it from outside in and inside out.

Treat your skin well as it is the largest organ of your body.

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