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Cocoa – Good for Your Heart

cocoa Heart health

Consume cocoa drink regularly can enhance your heart health. Two recent studies have shown that consuming cocoa flavanols helps to improve heart and blood vessel health. One German study involving 22 young men and 20 older healthy men drink either flavanol-containing drink or flavanol free drink twice daily for 2 weeks. Researchers observed that for the group consuming flavonoid containing drink has significant improvement in vasodilation. The older group also have a statistical reduction in blood pressure.

Another study involving 100 healthy middle-aged men and women has also demonstrated the benefits of consuming cocoa flavanol-containing drink over the 4-week trial. Results indicated an increase in vasodilation (increased blood flow), reduction in blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol), and increased in HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol).

Cocoa contains flavonoids offer antioxidant effects that are beneficial to heart and blood vessel health. Skip the soda and have a cup of dark chocolate today!

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