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Are you one of the many people suffering from insomnia (sleeping problem)?

Sleep is an extremely important area of our lives. The consequence of long term sleep deprivation can be devastating. The cause of insomnia can be many, such as stress, medical conditions (e.g. chronic pain, reflux, Parkinson’s disease, sleep apnea) and side effects of some medications.

Establishing good sleep hygiene is important.
Avoid using electronic devices before bedtime.

In additional to drug therapy (e.g. sleeping pills, antidepressants), nutritional supplementation and some herbal supplement can also help to relieve sleeping problems.

Below are some of these herbal / nutritional supplementations that you may not be aware of:


The production of melatonin, the sleeping hormone, starts to reduce as we age. Replenishing this can help with sleep.


is known as one of the elements for many other uses, but it can also assist in relieving sleep problems by relaxing the muscles.

Pure essential oils

when diluted to use topically or as aromatherapy, can bring tranquility and helps one to relax. Lavender, neroli, Roman Chamomile, and Vetiver are some of the examples of essential oils.


is a naturally-occurring amino acid, and supplementation of it can help insomnia since it is one of the amino acid that is involved in the synthesis of melatonin.

Wild Jujube seed & Chamomile extract

help to calm the mind and hence improves restless sleep.

Take charge to establish a healthy sleep routine and get a good night sleep!

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