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pHion Balance Acid Drainage

pHion Balance Acid Drainage - Biosense Clinic
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Acid Drainage

pHion’s Acid Drainage supports your body’s pursuit of 7.4. Dislodging and disposing of strong acids restores your body’s balance and makes you feel like all is right in the universe.

Through the action of the herbal extracts in pHion Acid Drainage, the kidneys first eliminate the wastes that are burdening it. Once this has been accomplished, the kidneys cleanse the blood of any acids it is holding. Then the acids embedded a little deeper in the tissues are free to enter the circulatory system and be transported to the kidneys. Once these acids have been eliminated, those embedded even deeper in the tissues enter the circulatory system for eventual removal. Such an elimination process reaches progressively deeper tissues until the body finally reaches a state of balance.

  • Helps kidneys to naturally rid strong acids from the body and restore a healthy pH balance
  • Stimulates elimination of strong acids
  • Increases effectiveness of kidneys
  • Restores pH balance
  • Easy to swallow capsules


  • Organically grown
  • Independently tested
  • Manufactured & Quality Tested in the USA
  • GMP Certified

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