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BiosenseClinical Specialty Skincare Premium Packages

BiosenseClinical Specialty Skincare Premium Packages - Biosense Clinic
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Biosenseclinical premium package
Biosenseclinical premium package mobile

Set A: Essential Skincare Package

Set A: Essential Skincare Package

Simple and essential daily routine for healthy & radiant looking skin

  1. Fresh Coco Cleanse (100g)

    A Moisturizing Deep Cleanser For All Skin Types Without Stripping Your Skin Natural Oil

  2. Pure Neroli Foral Brightening Essence & Toner (100ml)

    Your Skin Instant Illuminator and Destressor

  3. Vital Detox & Defense Serum (30g)

    Skin Detoxifier & Protector Against Pollution & Infrared Induced Aging

  4. Clinical Serum (30g)

    Clinically Proven Therapeutic Serum for Everyday Use

  5. Total Eye Therapy (10g)

    All-inclusive Clinical Formula for Youthful Looking Eyes Contains Multiple, Powerful Clinically Proven Patented Ingredients

  6. Rose Age Reverse HydraGel (30g)

    Intense Hydration Antiaging Gel

  7. Physical Sunblock Antiaging Moisturizer SPF 41 (30g)

    NPN 80072376 Health Canada Licensed, a lightweight sunblock moisturizer that gives you a flawless coverage

Set B: All-Inclusive Serum Pack

Set B: All-Inclusive Serum Pack

Special Treatment & Repair serum target your daily skin’s need

  1. Acid Free Exfoliating Serum (15g)

    A Revolutionary Exfoliator Gently Resurfaces for Illuminous & Divinely Smooth Skin (Non-abrasive)

  2. Advanced Exfoliating Serum (15g)

    Clinical AHA & BHA, exfoliating Skin Treatment

  3. Power Antiaging Serum (10g)

    Clinical Formula with Multiple Peptides to Reverse Aging

  4. Pure Hyaluronic SOS Hydra Rescue Serum (30g)

    A Pure & Potent Triple HA Serum Instantly Rescue Your Dry Skin

  5. Smart B3 Serum (30g)

    Smart B3 Serum contains 13% of vitamin B3 USP (niacinamide) as the active ingredient.

  6. Super C Serum (30g)

    Your skin brightening booster, collagen production stimulator & photoaging protector

Set C: Special Skin Treatment pack

Set C: Special Skin Treatment pack

Targets your skin’s specific conditions

  1. B12 Regenerating Mask (50g)

    Instant Repairing, Regenerating and Rejuvenating Treatment

  2. Max B12 Therapeutic Cream (30g)

    NPN 80068452 Health Canada Approved, clinically Proven Formula for Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis

  3. Pure Rose Supreme Hydrating Mist & Essence (100ml)

    Instantly Rejuvenate & Power Boost Your Skin

  4. Special Brightening cream & Dark Spot Corrector (30g)

    Advanced formula with Multiple Synergistic Clinically Proven Ingredients, powerful brightening and dark spot correction effect

Clinical Medicinal Service; Biosense Clinic specializes in formulating professional custom-made medicinal and cosmeceutical compounds to perfectly suit your special and daily needs

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